Photo Tips to your first backpack trip

Tips to your first backpack trip

Have you ever gone on a backpacking adventure? Just bring all of your necessary things in your backpack and you are ready to explore the world. Spend less on your quest for adventure and make new acquaintances in any country.

To save money during the trip, backpackers walk long distances with their backpack loaded with their basic useful items. Quite often, backpackers use public buses to get around the country, and they choose the cheapest accommodations. In addition, they avoid eating at expensive restaurants.

First time backpackers must be wondering about the feasibility of a long trip at a low cost in a foreign country. In addition, you might wonder about the possibility of discovering many sights while spending less.

Here are four useful tips for your first backpack trip

  • Bring a detailed map of the destination country with all the backpacking trails: To avoid getting lost while backpacking, bring a detailed map of the backpacking trails with the place names. Google Earth may provide it.
  • Bring a compass: Finding the trail on the map is one thing; but knowing the north and the south can be another challenging task. Sometimes, you may just feel disorientated, and cannot locate the north from the south. Therefore, you may not be able to read the map correctly. By using a compass, however, you will always get the right directions.
  • Bring extra money: When a backpacking trip thousands of miles away from home, you do not usually carry a lot of cash with you. However, after spending a few weeks at your destination, you may need to withdraw money from an ATM. Sometimes, your bank might suspect some fraudulent activities with your credit card if it is used in a remote part of the globe. As a result, your card is blocked. In this case, just bring extra money when backpacking.
  • Look for a fantastic but cheap backpacking destination before leaving: From Africa to Asia, there are many wonderful travel destinations for backpackers. Africa and Asia are endowed with scenic landscapes for sightseeing. Moreover, backpacking in these countries is a great opportunity to taste local food, discover new cultures, and have a great adventure. It is usually helpful to look for a cheap backpacking venue on the internet. However, you might find it difficult to find the cheapest accommodation, or a cheap youth hostel. In this case, it is highly recommended to use an experienced online travel agency to help you find what you need.

More practical tips to arrange a backpack trip

Backpacking is a real adventure, and it is really fun to go backpacking especially if you go with a group of friends. Finding a cheap backpacking and an affordable hostel are the hardest parts of a backpacking trip. Therefore, it is helpful to search through an experienced online travel agency. Look for a backpacking destination and youth hostels through Opodo.

Opodo operates over many countries worldwide, in partnership with several online operators and hotels. Therefore, it can give you practical ideas on cheap backpacking destinations and low-cost accommodation.


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